Property Owners

Film Producers need film stars but they need houses too!

Homeowners who rent their homes out for filming can benefit from the ever increasing multi billion pound industry.  The experience can be very exciting with all styles of homes being sought after i.e. from cottages to formal architectural mansions, or run down buildings to industrial estates etc.

However, with the rewards, there may be drawbacks.  If a film is to be made in your home, you should be prepared to see lots of lights, cameras and action.   If you are thinking of having your home on screen it is essential to nail down the details first.   The Moray Film Liaison Service is currently looking for homeowners in Moray who may be interested in having their home used as a location.

The Moray Film Liaison Service is a free service.

To register your property, please download complete and return the following form to The Moray Film Liaison Service, The Moray Council, Council Office, High Street, Elgin IV30 1BX

  • Download the Registration Form (PDF document, 288kb)
  • Sample ContractPlease note: This contract is provided only as a sample, The Moray Film Liaison Service and The Moray Council recommends that all parties seek professional legal advice before entering into any contractual agreement.